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Domestic Abuse Campaign Pledge Rewards
Domestic Abuse Awareness Campaign
Domestic Abuse Awareness Campaign - Contributors Page Contributions as of 9/20/2011: $4130

* The video above is only a concept trailer designed to give you an idea of the both the powerful nature of this film and the production quality you can expect. We wrapped shooting the real film on April 19th, 2011, and the film is almost through the post production process and ready to debut worldwide. We still need your contributions to raise awareness for this incredibly important cause and the funding will be used to host events around the country featuring Stealing Heather and other well known celebrities and artists to educate and inform.

Step 1
The Film - Can't See You: The Loss and Preservation of Innocence

Although technically considered a music video, this project is more of an intense and emotional short film for Stealing Heather's second single, "Can't See You". Centered around a young girl's tragic life filled with domestic abuse, we watch her grow up in a world that tries to destroy her innocence, while her mental state begins to spiral out of control.

In November of 2010, Joshua Aaron and his wife Carolyn came up with the idea of creating this film in order to help generate awareness of the domestic abuse epidemic plaguing our society, as well as the further plans to not only spread awareness and information but to ensure that domestic abuse is no longer an issue hidden behind closed doors. The more people are encouraged to talk about what's happening, the faster we can begin to change things. We have met so many amazing people who have dealt with various degrees of domestic abuse in their own lives, and those discussions have only solidified how important it is to eliminate this horrible epidemic.

We'd like to ask you all to think back through the events of your own lives, and although we hope you never experienced anything like this, we have an uneasy feeling that many of you may have a direct connection you have never considered. How wonderful and helpful would things have been if everyone knew the signs and had the information and help they needed to escape these seemingly inescapable situations? This is our goal.

Abusive Father

What do we have and what do we need?

Throughout our career as artists we've been fortunate enough to make some amazing connections with people, and those connections have proven themselves once again by the incredible talent we have been able to bring on board this project. All of the actors, each of them with a great history of major performances on and off screen, have agreed to provide their talent pro bono as they believe so deeply in what Stealing Heather is trying to achieve. We have an incredible Director/DP (Charles Papert) who has been a part of countless feature films, as well as commitments from major distribution networks like ScreenPlay, HDNet, and BMN, and are working with many more. We plan to release this film both on- and offline around the world. That's why we need your help.

Step 2
The Tour - 15 Cities in 3 Weeks

Tentatively scheduled for June of 2012, we are currently in the planning stages of a cross country tour that will cover 15 major US cities over the course of a 3 week time period. These events are not simply "musical concerts" but rather events where the audience will get to hear directly from people working on the local level in their city, celebrities having a direct connection to the cause, and other prominent figures. Now of course Stealing Heather will perform but we assure you that these events are going to be more along the lines of an educational and informative rally, rather than just a rock concert (think Farm Aid).

How will the funds be used?

We are raising funds for the many hard costs involved with this movement, including the worldwide promotion of the film, the PR campaigns to ensure that this is a talking point that everyone can begin to feel comfortable discussing, the expenses of ensuring the tour is huge success, and of course directly helping the victims and survivors of domestic abuse. In fact, we are already planning to use some the funds to allow people in each city who cannot afford the price of the ticket, to come to the event free of charge. Please help us to realize this amazing vision.

Stealing Heather will be donating the film to one of the largest and most influential domestic abuse organizations in the country, our time and effort to travel across the USA and promote and perform at each of the events, and 50% of all proceeds resulting from the sale of both the song and the video on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Daughter - Abuse Victim

Thank you in advance for even considering contributing, and our most sincere gratitude to all who have already become involved.


* PLEASE NOTE: All rewards include ground and/or USPS shipping within the USA. All international reward shipments are at the recipient's expense.

If you would like to contribute via check OR are having issues with your contribution, please e-mail us at