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Can't See You Vid Launch CAN'T SEE YOU VID LAUNCH

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: STEALING HEATHER RELEASES NEW MUSIC VIDEO,"CAN'T SEE YOU", TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE October 1st 2012 --- Stealing Heather has released a new single and video entitled "Can't See You" to speak out against domestic violence. The song was written by frontman and founding member Joshua Aaron and directed by Charles Papert (American History X, Office Space). The video ...  full story »


Universal Citywalk's newest "5 Towers" outdoor attraction hosted Stealing Heather July 30th, 2011. Their Saturday night performance was showcased on a booming outdoor colorful stage, surrounded by fluorescent and glowing lights that illuminated every angle. Upon their introduction, the L.A natives played with immense bursts of sound and crescendo while the audience cheered and danced to their be...  full story »

A Different Perspective A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE - A Blog By Joshua Aaron

Following the tragic Sandy Hook school shootings, there has been a tremendous amount of discussion on both the left and the right on what to do to curb the violence. The left immediately talks about limiting access to guns, stricter gun laws, assault weapon bans, and some, though in the minority, of taking away all the guns. The right opposes any legislation that would limit second amendment rights and encourages more p...  full story »

The Chaos Experiment THE CHAOS EXPERIMENT - A Blog By Joshua Aaron

In the new polls out recently, Ron Paul is the leading Republican candidate for President of the United States, and you know, a lot of what he has to say makes sense, especially to the younger voters in this country. From doing away with the IRS, to lowering taxes, and of course legalizing drugs, who wouldn't agree with those things? That sounds like utopia right? Wrong! In full disclosure I did a campaign video prom...  full story »

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Can't See You Music Video
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