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There are certain things that I count on to get me through the day when the world seems to be spinning out of control. On these days, I turn to music. Filled with solid grooves, lyrics to meet any situation and good musicianship, Your Mistake, the sophomore release by L.A.'s own Stealing Heather, can now be an added as a bandage to my moody day medicine cabinet.

This album serves as a throwback to the rock of Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Smiths, and moany other from the '90s with 2010 twists. The astral synth sounds swirling over distorted guitars panned in between the driving dance beat of the opening track "Breathe Out" throw the listener headfirst into the lyrics. From there, the album pushes forward with the colored smoke and jolting momentum of Doc Brown's time machine hovertrain (blatant '90s reference.) Expert placement of acoustic guitars to support intimate verses and chorus adds great effect to the overall feel of the album; Your Mistake was produced with master precision. Lead singer, songwriter and producer, Joshua Aaron, shines strongest on the album's closer, 'We Belong,' creating a song with an overall feel similar to something off of Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

So this month, with hurricane Earl behind us and Fall edging closer with each falling leaf, why not find some positive list in Stealing Heather? An uplifting listen, you'll find it hard to resist stomping along to anything on this record.

Head to the band's website,, for more information on tour dates, music videos, and upcoming events.

Written by Tom Cadrin

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