In The Studio - 2010

Working on some new tunes in Joshua Aaron's AudioLot Studios, nestled high up in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA

The band looks on while Joshua lays down a guitar track
Joshua holds a cigarette while listening to Jim try out a few licks
Joshua Aaron at the helm editing some of Jim's guitar tracks
Joshua Aaron lays down some vocals in the booth
Joshua plays back some of the new tracks for the band
Guitarist Jim Briggs with his prized Fender Telecaster
Carling's sunglasses on the desk
Joshua lays down some guitar tracks using his 1960 Les Paul
Joshua tunes up while Jim looks on
Joshua and Jim tracking some guitar parts together
Joshua plays the band a new mix
Discussing some of the finer aspects of the direction of the new music, the boys talk at the console
Mix engineer, Joshua Aaron, doing his thing at the desk